Pamela Nolasco Brito,

graduated from APEC University at Dominican Republic with a Bachelors in Architectural Interior Design in 2012 being recognized many times for her outstanding work.

After completing her Bachelors Degree, Pamela builded her experience working for big and well known Interior Design firms. This allowed her to quickly gain a valuable knowledge on the complete development of big projects.

In order to expand her knowledge, Pamela earned a Certificate in Vertical Gardens in Barcelona, Spain. This allowed her to integrate nature in design spaces; Pamela's appreciation and respect for nature and natural elements are the fundamental piece on her creations.

In 2015, Pamela wanted to make the Interior Design business different, and in 2017 she decided to create her own company under the name "MELA Eco Design" showing clear evidence of her commitment on incorporating the Green concept as her Interior Design Approach from the name to the final product.

Pamela's biggest satisfaction is to create functional, harmonious, and unique spaces for every single one of her clients. She loves challenges and variety on her Interior Design projects.